About Us

After living through 5 pregnancies, 70 hours of labor together, and countless sleepless nights (that are still going on!)...here we are.

We are 2 moms, who love our kids, even when we want to scream; and who love dressing to feel fashionably comfortable. 

How did we get here?

1) Being 7 months pregnant and hearing my 2 year old tell me that my dress is just "ewey". 

2) I could not, for the life of me, find any maternity clothes that fit my style (Trendy cool like biker jackets, t-shirts and jeans).

3) Looking in the mirror and feeling 'blah' in my maternity wardrobe.

That's when we realized something has to change with maternity wear.

We want you to feel radiant, beautiful and excited, during the most exciting time of your life. 

Being pregnant is amazing, and you should feel that way in you clothes. 

Enter Joli-Glo maternity, making pregnancy Fun, Easy & Stylish by bringing maternity fashion from across the globe to the trendy Canadian mom.

Bringing you the best brands from Italy, Tel Aviv, UK, Australia, Turkey, USA and more to come!! 

Where does the baby line come into all this?

We just couldn't help ourselves, everything is just so darn cute, and who doesn't love to shop for a baby??