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BOOK: The Healthy Pregnancy Journal: A Weekly Guide for Reflecting on Your Pregnancy and Preparing Your Heart, Body, and Mind for Motherhood

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A week-by-week guide and beautiful keepsake for a mother's pregnancy journey, from America''s favorite childcare and attachment-parenting experts

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change. As you carry new life into the world, you undergo an initiation into an entirely new way of being. The massive changes you experience―to your body, your lifestyle, even your relationship with yourself―will be both joyful and challenging.

The Healthy Pregnancy Journal will help you navigate the beautiful chaos of your journey into motherhood with a safe space to reflect and prepare, work through all you’re experiencing, and stay on track for a healthy pregnancy.

Highlights include: Creative and inspiring journaling prompts about everything from food cravings and dreams to fears and feelings of uncertainty
• Helpful guidance on all things pregnancy-related―nutrition and exercise, stress relief, birthing methods, breastfeeding, self-care, and more
• Open space to record your hopes and dreams in a way that resonates with you―photos, love letters to your baby, drawings, quotes, or even magazine clippings
• "Pro Pregnancy Tips"―sex and intimacy, recipes, community, sleep, even getting off the couch when you feel huge, and more
• Weekly information around the development of your baby to help you more deeply connect with what’s happening in your body
• Chronicling the birth of your baby―including vital statistics, pictures, your birth story, and your own sweet words to the newest love in your life